PUBG FREEZE in game FIX!!!

Hello everybody,

I got this problem after I re-install my windown 10 and update to lastest version. Everytime I play PUBG the game freeze only in game. Only PUBG got this problem, another game still work perfect and my PC is core i7, GTX 1060, Ram 16Gb, so it could not from my PC, it must something wrong from PUBG.

I try so many way that I can find on Google, but nothing help: Install newest NVIDIA, lowest setting ingame, setting 3D in NVIDIA, edit regedit, re install game….

Before I decide delete this game, I try this and….IT WORK!!

Now I hope this can help you too. Maybe PUBG conflict with some other application, so let’s go to Task Manager > Startup. Then Disable every application that you think no need to enable when start your windown.

This is the applications I disable then my game no more freeze. Maybe one of them conflict with PUBG:

pubg freeze

Finally, hope this can help you too.

Thanks for reading.


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